Architectural Ecologies: Code, Culture and Technology at the Convergence – Call for Papers

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The symposium operates on the architectural interface between system  theory, computation and biology, focusing on processes that are described as an alloy of technology, ecology and culture. The symposium opens a discussion on urbanity-systems, defined as coded,  self-organising organisms structurally based on circular observation, feedback and learning, to a field of experts that can empower the discipline through a dynamic exchange within system theory. Since in C21 virtual and material reality merge and take on the form of code, architecture challenges the development of its own expertise at the understanding and description of structures as systems. A critical understanding of this construct is required to enable the design of design strategies for apparent complexity. Therefore the debate targets the deep impact of system theory as culture, and simultaneously describes a frame for post- digital, namely biological, tools to become an element that allows for the understanding of urban and natural systems as a whole.

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