ALGODeQ International Programming Competition 2013/14

Less than 12 hours are left for the contest deadline.
Please visit the contest website for additional info.

A world first, ALGODeQ is a major new competition intended to recognize outstanding achievements in the increasingly influential field of algorithmic design, at the intersection between creativity and computing.
The organizers look forward to entries that explore the possibilities of this new and exciting field.

ALGODeQ is a two-stage open competition with two categories:

QP (= ALGOrithmic Design Program) category
Category for original computer programs created by the applicant that embody algorithmic design.

QA (= ALGOrithmic Design Award) category
Category for outstanding works of actually built architecture, designed by using an original computer program that embodies algorithmic design and submitted together with the program.

Algorithmic design is not simply the use of computers to design architecture.
Algorithmic design is the use of algorithms to generate designs that are good and beyond the capabilities of humans acting alone, and the use of computers to execute such algorithms.

Organizers: ALGODeQC
(ALGOrithmic Design Quest international programming competition Committee)
ALGODeQC is composed of 37 (currently) world leaders in the field of algorithmic design.

Two stage, open competition.

Entry qualifications:
Researchers, architects, designers, planners, system engineers, students, and all others with an interest in the field of algorithmic design worldwide.

Grand Prix (one): 1,000,000- Yen,
Outstanding achievement prizes by category, and Subcategory prizes

Schedule :
November 4, 2013 Competition announced and registration starts
December 9, 2013 End of inquiry period
December 23, 2013 Application period starts
February 3, 2014 Registration deadline
March 31, 2014 First stage application deadline
May 26, 2014 Notification to entries passing first stage selection, application period starts for second stage
June 23, 2014 Second stage application deadline
September 8, 2014 Publication of award candidates short list
October 20, 2014 Award announcements

Competition website: Visit website
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