Activate 14: Live/Work Micro-Dwelling Competition

Less than 12 hours are left for the contest deadline.
Please visit the contest website for additional info.

Members of the AIA North Carolina Activate 14 committee invite you to share your ideas on a new typology for urban housing: an eight-unit Live/Work micro-dwelling project. The site is a remnant city space that lies between a parking deck and a sidewalk in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, USA, a lively academic town centered around a university known for its research and entrepreneurial spirit. The site at 150 East Rosemary Street provides an opportunity for designers to explore and develop the following: Affordable live/work housing, Modularity and prefabrication, Environments that include natural ecology and sustainable lifestyles, Leftover city land as a resource for mending urban fabric.

This is an ideas competition generated by the presence of many left over spaces in our cities: unused setbacks, awkward lots and plots thought too small for normal projects. Together these remnant spaces account for a significant percentage of our urban landscape. There is a pressing need in towns like Chapel Hill for small, affordable live/work micro-dwellings to serve the new urban professionals and entrepreneurs of the 21st century. Live/work micro-dwellings concentrate activity in cities, reduce traffic, and lead to more vital urban places. The goal of this ideas competition is to generate innovative micro- housing: live/work dwellings on leftover pieces of land that can repair and enliven our cities.

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