2014 Young Architects Studio Competition – Urban Voids: Opportunities Along the Rivers

Less than 12 hours are left for the contest deadline.
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The Challenge:

Two bodies of water meet to create a third in Pittsburgh at what is known as “The Point”, home to one of the oldest standing fortifications in the country – Fort Pitt.  At one time, these three rivers brought soldiers and supplies to help defend our lands, at other times, travelers from afar seeking westward lands, and more recently they helped move home grown components of steel, glass, and aluminum, which would help to build the country.

As these three bodies have played a crucial part in defining Pittsburgh’s past, they continue to shape it’s future. For a long time, these waters served utilitarian functions, which greatly contributed to the smoke, smog, and soot that blanketed the city. Fortunately, Pittsburgh has grown out of the stigma of it’s industrial past in large part due to the great efforts that have been made to redevelop and reclaim the riverfronts, resulting in some of the most breathtaking and enjoyable public spaces and trails in the country.  And while much of the waterfronts can now be explored and enjoyed with the transformation into beautiful bike trails, boat docking stations, and biergartens, many of these areas still remain untouched, underutilized, and forgotten, and yet, with this there is so much untapped potential.

The challenge for this competition is to identify an urban void along the riverfront that is believed, by the entrant(s), to have untapped potential, and to offer a creative solution to fill that void.

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