Product> Street Seen: New Landscape Furnishings

Spec Sheet  

(Courtesy Kornegay Design)

Whether used to enhance the identity of an entire community or an individual institution, street furnishings present a primary opportunity to engage the public with design. From planters and bike racks to seating and waste bins, all elements play a part in the dialogue.

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Product> On Solid Ground: New Pavers and Decking Products

Spec Sheet  

(Courtesy Belgard)

Decking and pavers can enhance the look of a site while improving its environmental functionality. Better drainage and erosion prevention can be achieved through choosing the proper hardscape elements.

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Product> Landscape Furnishings: Shadows and Light

Spec Sheet  

(Courtesy BuzziSpace)

With the workplace expanding into the outdoors—yes, that is now a thing—stylish shelters (often equipped with power outlets) are popping up to shield laptops and their users from the glare of the sun. Elegant bollards light the way to these new outdoor offices.

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Zaha 2, World 0: BBC apologizes to the starchitect about migrant worker death questions


(Courtesy Federico Babina)

After a few weeks of suffering the slings and arrows that occasionally punctuate the lives of starchitects, things are looking up for Zaha Hadid. First, the BBC issued a formal apology to her on behalf of one of its reporters, who implied that numerous construction workers on Hadid’s Al Wakrah soccer stadium project had suffered fatal accidents on site.

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Product> From Classic to Crazy: New Designs for Outdoor Seating

Spec Sheet  

(Courtesy Atelier Vierkant)

From quasi-camouflaged to head-turningly flamboyant, these designs for outdoor seating can enhance the character of a commercial plaza, a municipal complex, or an outdoor hospitality area.

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David Chipperfield’s Classical display cabinets take a cue from the Ionic column

Design, International, Product
Tuesday, October 6, 2015

(Courtesy David Chipperfield)

Looking for a tasteful way to show off your collection of iconic postmodern teapots or architect-designed shoes? David Chipperfield may have the answer.

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Product> Marvelous Metal Cladding

National, Product, Spec Sheet
Tuesday, September 29, 2015
Spec Sheet

(Courtesy Rheinzink; Tom Bonner Photography)

Metal cladding has come a long way from black or silver rectangular panels. Advances in fabrication and engineering now allow for contoured and colored facades that are as durable and installation-friendly as they are eye-catching.

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Product> Artistic Metals for Facades

National, Product
Tuesday, September 22, 2015

(Courtesy KME)

Metals in an expanding variety of finishes and formats give architects a near-limitless palette for aesthetic expression—without compromising building performance. Here’s a quick sampling of six great claddings.

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Two Words: 3D Chocolate

National, Technology
Thursday, September 17, 2015

(Courtesy The Hershey Company)

Chocolate purveyor Hershey has jumped onto the 3D printing bandwagon. While not as aesthetically ambitious as Nendo’s venture into custom sweets, there’s something to be said for remaining true to the iconic, albeit simple, kiss-shaped treat. Initial ventures took from a few minutes to more than an hour to print; if you’re really hankering for a chocolate fix, you might be better off grabbing a bag of the pre-fab variety.

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Product> Special Effects: Exterior Metals

National, Product, Spec Sheet
Tuesday, September 15, 2015
Spec Sheet  

(Courtesy Moz Designs)

Perforated, solid sheet, formed, mesh: The versatility of metal as a sculptural facade material is unequalled. A wide range of finish options—polished, matte, or textured; color-coated, natural, or even gilded—enhances the aesthetic possibilities.

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Product> Forging Ahead: Innovative Exterior Metal Panels Systems

National, Product, Spec Sheet
Tuesday, September 8, 2015
Spec Sheet  

(Courtesy Metalwërks)

High performance metal panel systems in an ever-growing repertoire of finishes and formats offer architects a durable and expressive medium for expression. Rain screens, IMPs, and dimensional tiles stretch the aesthetic vocabulary for exterior cladding.

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Product> Design for Wellness: New Healthcare Furnishings

Interiors, National, Spec Sheet
Tuesday, September 1, 2015
Spec Sheet  

(Courtesy Wieland)

While technology heals the body in increasingly marvelous ways, healthcare interiors are taking a more holistic route, becoming more hospitality than hospital-like in their design and furnishings.

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