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[Editor’s Note: The following are reader-submitted response to the article “A Manifesto from the Architecture Lobby” (Protest AN 01_01.22.2014_MW). Opinions expressed in letters to the editor do not necessarily reflect the opinions or sentiments of the newspaper. AN welcomes reader letters, which could appear in our regional print editions. To share your opinion, please email editor@archpaper.com. ]

I read the article, “A Manifesto from the Architecture Lobby” and found every single word applicable to my own situation and my own firm. While we architects enjoy the perceived honor of our profession, it undermines the vocation’s viability as an occupation versus a good hobby.

I find the advocacy of professional organizations representing architects to be exceedingly timid and ineffective. Architecture has no fundamental infrastructure for compensation, working conditions, or our own personal schedule. Someone who has to take a blueprint reading course in order to understand construction documents complains that the drawings took more than five business days to finish.

We have, unfortunately, created our own vicious circle. The less we feel that we must charge for our fees, the quicker the client feels that the job should take to complete. I submit that the initial goal of the Architecture Lobby should be the creation of a standardized schedule of time allotted for various projects and the corresponding payment for such work.

I bid you “Onward” in your pursuits!

Charles Roig
Roig Associates
R-Evolution Living
Roselle, Illinois

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