Elizabeth Duffy, Apartment 2B by Susan Morris

East, On View
Monday, March 24, 2014
(Courtesy dm contemporary NYC)

(Courtesy dm contemporary NYC)


Elizabeth Duffy & Cheryl Yun: Apartment 2B
dm contemporary NYC
39 East 29th Street, 2nd Floor
New York
Ended March 15, 2014

On the 2nd floor of a luxury 34-story highrise between Madison & Park avenues designed by architect H. Thomas O’Hara is a gallery called dm contemporary NYC. Although the gallery is located in an apartment, it is usually a white-walled exhibition space without the trappings of a domicile, save for the kitchen island. Artists Elizabeth Duffy and Cheryl Yun decided to transform the space back into a domestic environment with a twist for her recent exhibition Apartment 2B.

The patterns found on the walls, floors, furniture, fabrics and artifacts are those found on the inside of security envelopes used to mail bills transforming all the surfaces on furnishing she has chosen in this “staged” apartment. Duffy scans, prints, and embroiders these patterns—she wears hand-made silk clothing sporting these motifs—and even laser etched the black leather cushions. The furniture ranges from a Castiglioni Arco floor lamp to a modernist tubular steel leather sofa that reinforces this sophisticated urban lifestyle. Note amusing touches like the decorated sleep mask and patterns on a bar of soap in the bathroom.

One Response to “Elizabeth Duffy, Apartment 2B by Susan Morris”

  1. Catherine Whalen says:

    Wonderful exhibition. Thank you Elizabeth, Cheryl and Dolores!

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