About Face: Nina Libeskind Favors American Folk Art Museum Preservation

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Thursday, March 6, 2014
Nina and Daniel Libeskind (Photo by TK) and the American Folk Art Museum (Photo by Dan Nguyen / Flickr; Montage by AN)

Nina and Daniel Libeskind (Photo by Mark Forte / Courtesy University of New Mexico) and the American Folk Art Museum (Photo by Dan Nguyen / Flickr; Montage by AN)

Just a week before MoMA made its somewhat ambiguous announcement that the folded bronze facade of the American Folk Art Museum building would be removed and stored—rather than tossed in a dumpster—Nina Libeskind excitedly announced over a lunch in Milan, “I’m going to get some architects together and save the facade!” Nina is known for her powers of persuasion, and Eavesdrop doesn’t know if she actually put her plan into action. If so, it might be the quickest reversal in New York preservation history. While Eavesdrop is glad that at least the facade is being saved, we doubt it will quell the ire directed at MoMA and Diller Scofidio + Renfro.

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7 Responses to “About Face: Nina Libeskind Favors American Folk Art Museum Preservation”

  1. W. Davis says:

    Nina Libeskind is such a hypocrite. She wasn’t thinking about saving facades when her moronic husband was busy destroying Toronto’s ROM and Dresden’s Military Academy.

  2. HD33 says:

    Hey, Nina! I wonder if you’d be willing to lend your “powers of persuasion” to my campaign to restore the facade of the Royal Ontario Museum? Can you believe it? Some imbecile ruined it with this dumb crystal crap made of cheap siding! What kind of Neanderthal does something like that? Anyway, hope you can help right this travesty!

  3. 21Orange says:

    Has she looked at her husband’s portfolio lately? Plenty of destroyed facades in there that Nina could devote her energies to remedying.

  4. SPPD says:

    I hear Nina threatened to bequeath Danny’s drawing archive to MoMA unless they agreed to preserve the Folk Art Museum’s façade.

  5. 5251 says:

    Yeah. That might have worked. … Because we all know that other architects take what Daniel and Nina Libeskind have to say very, VERY seriously … LOL.

  6. Esquisse says:

    These two clowns are the laughingstock of New York. Their influence here is zero, as confirmed by the fact that no sane person has offered them the chance to build anything in the city. Nina had to hire Alexander Gordon to design their residence downtown.

  7. kthrace1 says:

    I followed the ROM project closely and, now the Folk Art tragedy…To set the record straight to the readers here the ROM made the decision way before Libeskind was involved with the design (it was in the competition brief) to have the 60s building taken down. I think having people in the architecture field defending the Folk Art Museum is positive!!

    On a side note, I am so over the Libeskind bashing. I know his work isn’t for everyone, but it’s like everyone online has gone on auto-hating-pilot.

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