Daniel Libeskind designs metallic apartment building for Berlin

Thursday, January 9, 2014
Chausseestrasse 43 ©PX2

Chausseestrasse 43 ©PX2

Daniel Libeskind has unveiled his plans for a new apartment complex in the emerging Berlin suburb of Chausseestrasse. Set for completion in 2015, the 8-story building called Chausseestrasse 43,  will accommodate retail functions on street level and 73 individual apartments on the upper levels.

Retail at street level,  ©PX2

Retail at street level, ©PX2

The striking, metallic facade is said to contain sustainable properties which allow for self-cleaning and  air purification of the building. Libeskind’s design consists of asymmetric windows and a double-height penthouse to maximize natural light. The penthouse suite also boasts a floating stairway that leads into an open-plan living area , and an outdoor patio with sweeping views of the Berlin skyline.

Penthouse suite,  ©PX2

Penthouse suite, ©PX2

The building is very much in the spirit of Libeskind’s signature style which use sharp, angular forms to create a somewhat dramatic aesthetic. The complex occupies a rectangular parcel of land less than half an acre, and is situated directly opposite the headquarters of Germany’s Federal Intelligence Service. Libeskind, who is usually engaged in institutional projects says, “Even as my studio is often called upon to design skyscrapers these days, I continue to love to build homes, the basic unit of human life.”

Penthouse suite, ©PX2

Penthouse suite, ©PX2

Self-cleaning metallic facade, ©PX2

Self-cleaning metallic facade, ©PX2

Concept sketch, © Daniel Libeskind

Concept sketch, © Daniel Libeskind

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5 Responses to “Daniel Libeskind designs metallic apartment building for Berlin”

  1. Emil says:

    Libeskind is the undeniable Master of Schlock. He’ll just never learn.

  2. Marc R. says:

    Can somebody please shoot Daniel Libeskind with a tranquilizer dart, stuff him in a cage and then dump him back in the jungle where he belongs?

  3. Attilla says:

    Why would anybody continue after producing such a pathetic sketch? If you got nothing to start with, you get nothing to finish with. QED this embarrassing project.

  4. Laszlo says:

    How pathetic! It never seems to amaze me how much bad architecture gets built. How has Mr. Libeskind active the fame he has? His work was at best graphically interesting and that all.

  5. Hans says:

    Daniel Libeskind’s ‘Secret’ design formula revealed!!!

    1. Take ordinary, rectangular slab building.
    2. Make slab edges jagged.
    3. Add wacky top floor.
    4. Apply superficial skin with diagonal lines and trapezoidal windows.
    5. Call it ‘Crystals’.


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