Tunnel Rats: Does Texas Favor Building Highways Over Subways?

Eavesdroplet, Southwest
Monday, November 18, 2013
The Waller Creek Tunnel in Austin. (Courtesy Lachel & Associates Engineers)

The Waller Creek Tunnel in Austin. (Courtesy Lachel & Associates Engineers)

According to a very confidential source, engineers currently working on the Waller Creek tunnel believe that Austin sits on top of some of the most optimal conditions for tunneling in the entire U.S. These number-crunching problem solvers claimed that a subway tunnel beneath the Texas State Capital’s downtown would cost 1/10th of the amount it would in most places in the country. However, the brainiacs also said that there are those in high places who do not want that knowledge spread around (read TxDOT) because the construction of more freeways is making certain people a great deal of money.

3 Responses to “Tunnel Rats: Does Texas Favor Building Highways Over Subways?”

  1. Prentiss Riddle says:

    If the rumor is true then the findings should be FOIAble, no?

  2. Pops says:

    Try talking to some civil engineers with more than 15 years experience working in Texas.

  3. fred says:

    The superconducting supercollider was going to be imbedded into the Austin Chalk, as the best tunneling material in the USA. It what the tunnel (Chunnel) between Engaln and France is in -chalk (white cliffs of Dover).
    Easy to dig, very high compressive strendgth, no water…..
    no secret, just knee jerk – tunnel are too expensive.

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