Northwestern University unveils finalists’ designs for Prentice replacement

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Thursday, November 7, 2013
Adrian Smith + Gordon Gill's submission for ex-Prentice site.

Adrian Smith + Gordon Gill’s submission for ex-Prentice site.

Northwestern University released images of the building that could replace old Prentice Women’s Hospital Thursday. The three finalists vying to design a successor to Bertrand Goldberg’s curvilinear icon are: Goettsch Partners and Ballinger; Adrian Smith + Gordon Gill and Payette; and Perkins & Will.

Goettsch Partner's submission for ex-Prentice site.

Goettsch Partner’s submission for ex-Prentice site.

After a long and high-profile struggle to save Prentice, preservationists were discouraged by what they saw as a raw deal. A short documentary released in October is the latest in a series of post-mortems on that contentious process.

Northwestern plans to begin construction on the Feinberg School of Medicine Medical Research Center at 333 E. Superior St. in 2015. The University’s board of trustees will pick the final design. Review the submissions here:

3 Responses to “Northwestern University unveils finalists’ designs for Prentice replacement”

  1. MPasnik says:

    It is a terrible shame Northwestern is proposing to replace such a notable and important landmark as Goldberg’s Prentice Hospital with one of these three proposals. They reflect precisely the bland corporate language that buildings like Prentice attempted to offer an antidote to. One would have hoped an institution of Northwestern’s stature would have made a more thoughtful decision from the outset. In destroying one of the city’s masterworks, the university should feel an obligation to replace it with a building of equal or better quality.

  2. boanae says:

    After seeing something like Golderg’s hospital, all of these submittals are atrociously BLAND!!! Yes, this is a hospital, but even the new Rush Hospital looks like a piece of architecture. These all look like some office building. I wouldn’t think of even going to one of these designs as a hospital because one, it doesn’t look like one and two it looks cold and not caring.

    I have respect for each of these firms, but Northwestern’s reputation is disintegrating rapidly by the demise of Prentice Hospital and these new hospital finalists.

    I call REDO!!!

  3. Maurice says:

    Looks like all 3 designs put an uninterrupted glass facade on the Erie Street side.

    BUT the Perkins and Will design and the Goettsch & Partners design provide a green space on the Superior Street side, the NORTH SIDE. AND those designs could be flipped to provide that green space to the south facade on Erie. Makes sense to put open green space where you’d expect sunlight, no?

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