On View> “Of Walking” at Chicago’s Museum of Contemporary Photography

Midwest, On View
Thursday, October 17, 2013
(Courtesy Museum of Contemporary Photography)

(Courtesy Museum of Contemporary Photography)

Of Walking
Museum of Contemporary Photography
660 South Michigan Avenue, Chicago
Through December 20

The Museum of Contemporary Photography’s exhibition, Of Walking, explores how the simple act of walking gives rise to countless intricate thoughts. Although walking may be perceived as one of mankind’s most simple acts, it triggers a series of emotions and contemplations. Of Walking shows that it is not just about putting one foot in front of the other, nor is it solely the motion from point A to point B. The curators sought to demonstrate how the process of thinking is made possible by the act of walking.

(Courtesy Museum of Contemporary Photography)

(Courtesy Museum of Contemporary Photography)

To illustrate this concept, the exhibition goes back to the history of photography by showcasing famous streetwalkers and photographers such as Eugène Atget and Garry Winogrand. It focuses on navigation through space to determine how walking becomes a foundation for the human thought process. As such, it looks at movements in the history of art that have addressed the act of walking, and the works of artists such as Sohei Nishino that have evoked how meanderings through the surrounding built environment provoke numerous feelings for the individual. Finally, the exhibition also features the works of artists who have looked at political and social situations through interactions and walks through various landscapes.

(Courtesy Museum of Contemporary Photography)

(Courtesy Museum of Contemporary Photography)

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