Iconic, Not Ionic: Gehry Weighs in On Dictators and Design

Eavesdroplet, International
Monday, July 22, 2013
Frank Gehry. (Montage by AN)

Frank Gehry. (Montage by AN)

In recent interview with the journal Foreign Policy, Frank Gehry held forth on how architecture and democracy don’t really go together. Just too many opinions, you see. “I think the best thing is to have a benevolent dictator—who has taste!” said Gehry. “It’s really hard to get consensus, to have a tastemaker. There is no Robert Moses anymore.” Why was Gehry on FP’s radar in the first place? We’re guessing it was Hillary Clinton’s Gehry name-check in one of her outgoing speeches as Secretary of State. Riffing on how institutions of the future must be dynamic rather than static, the stateswomen stated, “We need a new architecture for this new world, more Frank Gehry than formal Greek.”

2 Responses to “Iconic, Not Ionic: Gehry Weighs in On Dictators and Design”

  1. Thomas Mayer says:

    Hi there,
    you use my image of Frank Gehry for the montage. The image is under copyright protection. I don’t mind it when you add the credit for the original image: © Thomas Mayer and a link to the accordant page in my archive: http://thomasmayerarchive.de/categories.php?cat_id=862
    Thomas Mayer

  2. David J Gill says:

    “They’re all against me. But I have one advantage: they don’t know what they want. I do.” – Howard Roarke

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