Cleveland Eyes Red Line for Rails-to-Trails Project

Wednesday, July 10, 2013


“The Red Line” could be Cleveland’s answer to New York’s High Line or Chicago’s Bloomingdale Trail, rails-to-trails projects that have captured the imaginations of their respective cities as an answer to questions surrounding transportation, aging infrastructure and urban placemaking.

The Rotary Club of Cleveland is pushing the idea of a three-mile greenway connecting five city neighborhoods to downtown. That would make the old RTA Red Line trail longer than both the High Line and the Bloomingdale Trail.

The Rotary Club initiated a cleanup and rehabilitation of the ravine next to the Red Line more than 30 years ago. That project became an urban gardening project called ParkWorks, and eventually spawned LAND Studio. Studies of that “Rapid Recovery” project estimated finishing the greenway would cost between $5.1 million and $5.5 million.

(Courtesy Rotary Club of Cleveland)

(Courtesy Rotary Club of Cleveland)

(Courtesy Rotary Club of Cleveland)

(Courtesy Rotary Club of Cleveland)

2 Responses to “Cleveland Eyes Red Line for Rails-to-Trails Project”

  1. SJ says:

    This makes it sound like the RTA Red Line is abandoned. Hmm, I wonder what the heck that thing I was riding on Friday was, then.

  2. Judith Benedict says:

    Looks like a wide right-of-way. Why not put a tram in as well as a bike and pedesrian path, or make provisions to do so in the future.

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