Libeskind U: Prof. Daniel Libeskind Teaching Online Course on Ideal Cities

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Right now you can log on to Leuphana University in Lüneburg, Germany’s Leuphana Digital School and participate in online courses being led by none other than Daniel Libeskind. Professor Libeskind, on the faculty at Leuphana since 2007, is collaborating with other professors and a team of tutors to guide students on the “Ideal City of the 21st Century.” The university conceived of the project as a “cost- and barrier-free academic course for collaborative web-based learning.” Online students will participate in six team assignments through the end of April. Their goal: to design an ideal city and invite others to experience it through digital visualization.

Enrollment is on-going so students can enter for any of the assignments and even arrange for college credit with home institutions. Students are asked to upload text, diagrams, photographs, and videos as the project progresses. Video lectures will also be presented by Libeskind and participating faculty. In the end, a winning team will be announced and all material could eventually be published. We’ll be sure to report on the outcome of the project once it’s complete.

17 Responses to “Libeskind U: Prof. Daniel Libeskind Teaching Online Course on Ideal Cities”

  1. Ahab33 says:

    Course Unit 1; Designing a Wedge
    Course Unit 2: The Role of Shards in Contemporary Architecture
    Course Unit 3: Learning to hate traditional buildings
    Course Unit 4: Why all projects should be called “The Crystal”
    Course Unit 5: Understanding the role of pretentious BS in marketing.
    Course Unit 6: How to wear cowboy boots with thick black glasses.

  2. mxthree says:

    This will certainly come as a welcome relief to many young architecture grads, who are searching high and low for an opportunity to do school-like projects again, as so many are sick and tired of the sordid realities of professional practice.

    The fact that the online course exists to fill this demand, and the fact that this demand even exists among young people, is a symptom of a great dysfunction in the system of architectural education. Architecture school and architectural practice are extremely misaligned today; Students are not being taught the skills to operate in the world that inevitably awaits them, and students are almost always disappointed when they discover that the world requires a very different skill set than the one they’ve been taught.

    One of the reasons why professional practice is perceived to be so unexciting is because so many of our architecture grads, taught in the contemporary schools, go on to reluctantly occupy architecture firms without any pride. The right solution to this problem is not to run away to an online college class, but instead to make friends with the challenges of the real world and regard them as skills to be mastered.

  3. Jolanda Morkel says:

    This is a long-awaited initiative that should be the first of many to come. The online possibilities for learning architecture have not yet been fully explored and I look forward to a continued discussion on this topic.

    I am an architect and teach in an undergraduate architecture programme in South Africa. I am currently engaged in doctoral studies investigating the architecture critique as a learning conversation, also looking at how learning might happen online.

  4. Trav says:

    Libeskind is teaching? That’s a worry. Shouldn’t he be enrolling as a student ….. so he might actually learn something about architecture and design?

  5. A.F.Landis says:

    The scandal of how Libeskind used political influence to get his New York State license without ever studying for or sitting the licensing exam or even working on a US building sends a bad message to students and degrades architecture as a whole. I’m appalled that such a disingenuous cheat and charlatan would be allowed to corrupt the minds of students in a teaching environment. Daniel Libeskind, a man who could not even design his own apartment without hiring a properly licensed architect, is a disgrace to the whole profession.

  6. Sarah T. says:

    Daniel Libeskind is not qualified to participate in, much less steer a discussion on modern cities. Does he even have a degree in Urbanism or Town Planning? His cartoonish creation for Seoul, Korea looks like something from an episode of The Jetsons. Libeskind is all form and zero substance.

  7. AnneDroid says:

    How the mighty have fallen. From Cranbrook to a no-name on-line university in Eastern Europe. What’s next for “international celebrity architect” Daniel Libeskind? Late night TV ads for vegetable blenders that also make coffee, sharpen knives and dry hair?

  8. JDF says:

    mxthree hit the nail on the head. – I would add that architectural media are also out of sync with the realities of architectural practice today. Focusing on fashion and celebrity rather than real architectural issues, they tend to promote superficial guys like Libeskind rather than architects producing more substantive work. Students reading these magazines mistake “starchitects’ for real architects. I’m not sure Libeskind could detail a simple sheetrock wall if he had to. No wonder the Denver museum leaked for three years. Why would anyone want to learn from such an inexperienced “architect”?

  9. John says:

    The course is great so far and people can still join. Not only Libeskind, but also the other scholars have really interesting positions. Watch Scott Lash talking about citizenship and check out the other videos on

  10. Sandoval says:

    I’m not sure I’d want a clown like Daniel Libeskind judging my work.

  11. John F says:

    The video is very amateurish. The program seems lightweight. Libeskind’s involvement is a major minus. I think I’ll pass on this.

  12. Sandy says:

    Why is Libeskind talkking so slow in the video? Is he trying to put people to sleep? Who listens to him anyway?

  13. BayLeaf says:

    Better to have no architectural education at all rather than fall under the influence of Daniel Libeskind. There’s enough ego-driven ugliness in the world as it is!

  14. Snowtheory says:

    Amazing how resentful people can get

  15. Borromini says:

    Recommended antidote, Course No. 33106 “Understanding Architecture: Beauty and Functionality without Ego”

  16. GrayBar says:

    Judging by the cartoon-like video, I’d say this course is aimed at teenagers and simpletons, right?

  17. Chris Loy says:

    Libeskind is teaching a free course? Sorry. Still too expensive.

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