MVRDV Proposes A Tower of Life-Size Stacked “Building” Blocks

Tuesday, November 20, 2012
Lower base of structure from the ground (Courtesy MVRDV)

Lower base of structure from the ground (Courtesy MVRDV)

Dutch architecture office MVRDV has placed a bid to create a 1,300-foot-tall skyscraper in Jakarta, Indonesia called Peruri 88. The complex arrangement of edifices, which resembles a city’s worth of buildings stacked atop one another along the lines of a massive assembly of life-size “building” blocks covered with greenery, is MVRDV’s answer to Jakarta’s need for densification and green space.

Peruri 88 (Courtesy MVRDV)

Peruri 88 (Courtesy MVRDV)

The somewhat literal rendition of an 88-story “vertical city” will comprise 3.87 million square feet with an extensive list of offerings including retail, housing, office space, a luxury hotel, four levels of parking, a mosque, a wedding hall, an Imax theater, an outdoor amphitheater, semi-public roof parks, and an abundance of gardens. The commercial podium of the structure alone will house reflective pools of water and a sunken garden plaza among its restaurants and shops. Overall, Perruri 88 has truly compounded a enormous city onto one site.

“Peruri 88 is vertical Jakarta,” MVRDV co-founder Winy Maas said in a statement. “It represents a new, denser, social, green mini-city, a monument to the development of Jakarta as a modern icon literally raised from its own city fabric.”

This green-mix use project was presented to site owner Peruri as a competition bid to assist in Jakarta’s urban growth and, if chosen, construction would begin immediately at the the desired location of Jl. Palatehan 4 Jakarta. MVRDV worked with American firm Jerde and engineering firm ARUP on the proposal.

Tiered rooftops of outdoor space (Courtesy MVRDV)

Tiered rooftops of outdoor space (Courtesy MVRDV)

Outdoor amphitheater (Courtesy MVRDV)

Outdoor amphitheater (Courtesy MVRDV)

Rendering of Peruri 88 from above (Courtesy MVRDV)

Rendering of Peruri 88 from above (Courtesy MVRDV)

Stacked towers of Peruri 88 (Courtesy MVRDV)

Stacked towers of Peruri 88 (Courtesy MVRDV)

4 Responses to “MVRDV Proposes A Tower of Life-Size Stacked “Building” Blocks”

  1. AswanD says:

    It manages to be stupid AND disgusting looking, both at the same time. What a feat!

  2. HSW says:

    MVRDV are almost as bad as Daniel Libeskind. They are serious contenders for the world’s worst architects.

  3. AFRA says:

    Architectural throw-up..what a waste of time putting this nightmare together

  4. Humble Architect says:

    Truly an atrocity – an arrogant response to an urban design challenge; nothing more than a giant sculpture offering little or no architectural value, akin to so many of the star-chitect abominations of recent years that decidedly choose to ignore the fundamentals of good design by respecting the surrounding environmental context in some way,shape or manner.

    I’ve seen freshman studio projects that pay far more respect to the fundamentals of what comprises beautiful architecture… where is the proportion, composition, order, or least of all SCALE that relates to the human beings that will occupy it? If this building does indeed come into fruition, I truly pity the City of Jakarta and its populace who will be forced to live in and around it.

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