Daniel Libeskind Adds Three Intersecting Cubes to the Jewish Museum Berlin

Friday, November 16, 2012
(Courtesy Academy of the Jewish Museum Berlin)

(Courtesy Academy of the Jewish Museum Berlin)

Daniel Libeskind’s second contribution to the Jewish Museum Berlin since 2001, the Academy of the Jewish Museum Berlin, will open this Saturday, November 17. The 25,000 square foot Academy is located just across from the original museum and now houses the museum library, a growing archive, and will also house lectures, workshops, and seminars.

The design is named “In-Between Spaces,” alluding to the voids between three cubes that make up the Academy. The cubes mirror Libeskind’s original museum design with sharp angular forms combined with dramatic intersections. Entry into the Academy is gained through a large slash in the first cube, which leads to a middle space between the other two cubes. With large skylights and front and rear access the Academy is connected with its outside spaces.

Libeskind is proud to celebrate Jewish history in his design with windows shaped like the Hebrew letters Alef and Bet, and with a quotation from the famous Jewish scholar Moses Maimonides printed across the façade: “Hear the truth, whoever speaks it,” written in English, German, Hebrew, Arabic, and the Judeo-Arabic of medieval Spain.

7 Responses to “Daniel Libeskind Adds Three Intersecting Cubes to the Jewish Museum Berlin”

  1. Maestro says:

    More meaningless slashes and gashes and empty rhetoric from Libeskind. Does he have any idea how idiotic his explanations sound? Does he have any idea how ridiculous he has become? Has he bothered to look at the schlock his office generates in his name?

  2. Cory says:

    It looks like the “Use By” date on Libeskind’s brain expired about 10 years ago.

  3. ITeK says:

    So, Libeskind made the crystals out of wood this time. What a truly creative genius he is.

  4. MoMaMama says:

    Libeskind is scraping the bottom of the ideas barrel now. How does he keep a straight face when he tells his gullible staff to work on this rubbish?

  5. TheSybil says:

    It’s awful. Is this the “world renowned, internationally celebrated” Daniel Libeskind or some talentless loser with the same name?

  6. C.lamb says:

    Where’s the crystal hiding this time?

  7. HSW says:

    You’d think Libeskind would be ashamed and embarrassed to drag the same old cliched forms out of the drawer yet AGAIN.

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