The Colorful Camouflage of a Secret Tea Shop

Monday, October 29, 2012
The Gourmet Tea shop begins to unfold (Djeng Chu)

The Gourmet Tea shop begins to unfold (Djeng Chu)

Bright colors are not typically associated with inconspicuous spaces but when it comes to The Gourmet Tea storefront, the shop manages to bring the two together.Through the use of clever ingenuity and compact design Brazilian architect Alan Chu successfully plants a secret tea shop inside a public shopping center in São Paulo, Brazil.

The closed storefront (Djeng Chu)

The closed storefront (Djeng Chu)

While closed, The Gourmet Tea appears to be a multi-colored block mural, but in a matter of moments a swift transformation takes place as a purple hatch reveals a sliding counter, shelves wheel out from one end, and cupboards from another. At the very top of the unfolding display is The Gourmet Tea sign, neatly covered by its own small colored door.

Chu credits the colorful display to the tea company’s vibrant packaging for its vast selection of organic tea blends. His intention was to tie in the vivid colors of the packaging with the store’s design to create a joyous space that accurately reflects the brand.

[Via PopUpCity.]

The Gourmet Tea shop unfolds (Djeng Chu)

The Gourmet Tea shop unfolds (Djeng Chu)

One Response to “The Colorful Camouflage of a Secret Tea Shop”

  1. retail design says:

    What a brilliant idea! You would never even know it was there!

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