PRODUCT> Heart of Gold, A Kitchen Made into a Jewelry Box

Tuesday, September 25, 2012
Steininger's Heart of Gold kitchen.

Steininger’s Heart of Gold kitchen.

The Product Page in AN‘s current print issue, “Turn Up The Heat,” rounds up six solid stand-alone kitchen units with a focus on minimal, streamlined design, optimal storage for a clutter-free workspace and enhanced performance for demanding chefs. Most of the featured cooktops, like Binova’s Anima, Boffi’s K20, Leicht’s FS-Topos, Rational’s Solo and Valcucine’s La CucinaAlessi are light, clean, sleek and bright white Corian, while Rossana’s DC10, Eggersmann’s Unique and Steininger’s Heart of Gold are decidedly darker, heavier—even brutal—pairing matte metals and deep wood tones with rectangular blocks of stone and slate.

The show-stopping Heart of Gold was named after the anodized golden aluminum that lines its drawers “and makes them look like a luxurious jewelry box.” Each drawer can be customized with movable magnetic dividers – no more awkward utensils jutting up out of their compartments.

The real innovation here isn’t the fancy drawers or the luxuriously deep marble sink or even the flush-set induction hob, but the red dot award winning modular system, which can be customized in stone, ceramic, aluminum or concrete. The four modules for storage, washing, food prep and cooking can be built in a variety of sizes and fitted together like a puzzle with a wooden table panel for dining or added workspace. Yes, it’s expensive, but it’s built to last. The components and appliances are not only top of the line, but in stone or concrete this unit will age beautifully.

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