Construction Fully Funded for St. Louis’ Loop Trolley Project

Monday, September 10, 2012
One of the vintage trolley cars that will eventually traverse St. Louis' Delmar Loop. (Claudia Daggett/Flickr)

One of the vintage trolley cars that will eventually traverse St. Louis’ Delmar Loop. (Claudia Daggett/Flickr)

Plans for a fixed-track trolley system in St. Louis got a $22 million infusion last week, when the Federal Transit Administration followed through with plans to fund construction of the city’s long-awaited Loop Trolley system.

The Loop Trolley Transportation Development District would administer a 2.2-mile track from the Missouri History Museum in Forest Park to the University City Library—part of a regional plan for more sustainable transit. Three hybrid electric trolleys will make nine stops along the way, offering connection with the existing light rail MetroLink system.

Fares would cover almost half of the system’s operating costs, with the rest coming from advertising, institutional subsidies, and the District. A ground-breaking ceremony is expected this fall, but no construction date has been set. St. Louis’ first Loop Trolleys may run as soon as 2014. Kansas City, Cincinnati, and Los Angeles have all mulled over streetcar, light rail or trolley plans in recent years.

Trolley route map. (Courtesy Loop Trolley)

Trolley route map. (Courtesy Loop Trolley)

5 Responses to “Construction Fully Funded for St. Louis’ Loop Trolley Project”

  1. Kevin says:

    Kansas City isn’t isn’t installing trolleys. It’s looking at modern multi-vehicle streetcars more in line with an actual rail car.

  2. Chris Bentley says:

    Kevin, you’re correct. As we explained in the linked post, KC’s plan is for streetcars. I have amended this post to make that more clear.

  3. gardenia says:

    When will this project start?

  4. Chris Bentley says:

    Hi, gardenia. The project is on track to open mid 2014, according to their website. []

  5. gardenia says:

    It is great to hear a projected date in the future. Not so great when there is no signs of starting…. It is like saying: you will win the lottery in mid 2013 so start planning how you will spend the money now. Maybe, you will plan it but will you actually start purchasing toys on account of this vague prediction?

    The more it is delayed, the more funding will be required to complete it. That $25M will disappear quickly soon (things costing more, contracts higher priced, modifications not foreseen … etc)

    I just wish to see a ground breaking and a starting of the project soon before we can believe it will be ready by mid 2014 and on budget.

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