Ask Not What The Google Can Do For You

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Tuesday, August 14, 2012
Wolf Point on the Chicago River. (Courtesy Pelli Clarke Pelli)

Wolf Point on the Chicago River. (Courtesy Pelli Clarke Pelli)

The biggest stir caused by the Kennedy’s newest proposal for developing Wolf Point was not obscuring the Merchandise Mart views or initial reactions to the renderings or the stuffing of three very tall towers on one impossibly small piece of land. It was more like, “There’s a living Kennedy with a stake in Chicago real estate?” We all know the family sold the Mart years ago. Fewer of us knew they held on to that little sandbar that sits in front of the the Sun-Times building.

Ready to boost the family fortune, the Kennedys with Hines, Cesar Pelli, and bKL plan to stuff three towers onto the site. Is this the architectural equivalent of a 10 lb. bag of sugar in a 5 lb. sack? Maybe, but development of that scale is also kind of exciting. And that leads to the biggest question. Can this economy support a residential and commercial project of this size? Well, Jean—that’s the last sibling standing, right, so the land must be hers—get out your good-faith checkbook: Google is coming. They’ve leased the top floors of the Mart, which will serve as the new headquarters of Motorola, which Google has acquired. That means thousands of high paying fancy Google jobs just across the street. With that news, Wolf Point is a done deal, no?

3 Responses to “Ask Not What The Google Can Do For You”

  1. River North Resident says:

    Good luck on ever driving into or out of this area. These high rises aren’t cheap and it is doubtful the employees who live in the burbs for Motorola are going to move to wolf’s point. There are also two other high rises going up in the same location. So expect lots of congestion, Ohio street off ramp conga lines and beautiful but half empty buildings. Chicago does one thing right, and that is over build.

  2. Criss says:

    River North Resident you’re obviously clueless and sound like an NYMBY more than anything. I’m a River North risedent also, btw. This is a phased project so there won’t be any overbuilding. The 1st phase, a rental tower of 500 apts, is going to be built first. The second phase which is the tallest tower is supposed to be an office tower and isn’t suppose to break ground for another 4 years with the 3rd phase, final tower going up a couple years later. The use of the final tower isn’t exactly known yet. I bet you’re assuming all three of these are going to be built tomorrow and will all be condo buildings, that’s what cluless, ignorant people who’ve been complaining about this project have been assuming.

    Also, There are many public transit options in the immediate area not to mention the huge abundance of taxi cabs, river taxis, bike lanes and the very walkability of the area itself. So if fat, lazy suburbanites don’t want to get out of their vehicles then that’s their problem, although many of them could probably use the excersize. And many of the workers moving to the Mart are said to be engineers and they’re making 6 figure salaries so you mean to tell me they can’t afford a $2,000-$3,000 a month apt? Get rea! If you they want want to live at Wolf Point they’ll be more than able to afford it. Oh yeah, we’ll have half empty buildings even though the apt occupancy rate is approaching 97%.

    Again, you’re just another clueless NIMBY making mindless assumptions about things you know nothing about.

  3. JasonMChicago says:

    Not sure what to think of these towers. I know the residents at RiverBend will lose their views and I’m sure they’re not happy.

    These towers look a little plain and considering the uniqueness of the land something spectacular could be built there (ie. Chicago Spire like spectacular) instead of the same-old-same-old.

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