On View> Bruno Cals: Horizons through September 28

Thursday, June 7, 2012
(Bruno Cals)

(Bruno Cals)

Bruno Cals: Horizons
1500 Gallery
511 West 25th Street #607
New York
Through September 28

For city dwellers, the horizon line where the earth meets the sky can be impossible to find, hidden by the topography of the skyline. By pointing his camera upward, Bruno Cals repositions the horizon and reframes the built environment in terms of landscape itself. Cals deliberately obfuscates the subjects of his series; the photographs read not as structure but as texture and line.

These images suggest infinite planes of artificial material, creating a kind of landscape out of brick, metal, and tile (Untitled 1, 2011, above). The compositions are occasionally broken up by moments of asymmetry such as a protruding fire escape and a facade made up of multicolored balconies, both of which are, initially, unreadable (Untitled 2, 2010, below).

(Bruno Cals)

(Bruno Cals)

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