Chicago Architect Attempting to Kickstart A “Super-Furniture”

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Thursday, April 5, 2012
Beuys/Hefner House (Courtesy Bureau Spectacular)

Beuys/Hefner House (Courtesy Bureau Spectacular)

What is a Super-Furniture? According to Chicago architect Jimenez Lai of Bureau Spectacular, it is “a building that is kind of too small, or a couch that is kind of too big.” Whichever way you prefer to think of it, Lai’s plan to live in one of the his installation-scale Super-Furniture, in this case called the Hefner/Beuys House, for a month inside a London gallery is a provocative project where “suddenly architecture becomes performance art.”

Lai’s small structures not only question our relationship to building by contorting, constricting and distorting spaces in interesting ways, but it also repositions architecture within the context of the public. Visitors will be able to see Lai living in his Hefner/Beuys House, an intimate look into one man’s existence. By viewing the architect on display inside the comicbook-like building, architecture becomes narrative. Visitors to the gallery are also invited to enter the building and take part in the act.

The Hefner/Beuys House needs your help, however, and a Kickstarter campaign is attempting to raise the funds necessary. As with most Kickstarter projects, Lai is offering some unique and collectible items in return for help, including highly inventive and visually striking original drawings, paintings, and T-shirts. You can even get your own Super-Furniture.

This project is not the first architectural endeavor to be “Kickstarted.” The Delancey Underground, a park proposed to be built underneath New York’s Lower East Side, and +Pool, a floating pool planned for the East River, were both successful in raising funds through Kickstarter.

Previous Super-Furniture (Courtesy Bureau Spectacular)

Previous Super-Furniture (Courtesy Bureau Spectacular)

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