Google Fires Ingenhoven from Mountain View Headquarters Project

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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

An early conception of the campus created by the city of Mountain View.

You can’t even, well, Google it yet, but we’ve picked some meaty news from the grapevine: Google has fired German firm Ingenhoven Architects as the designers of its new headquarters in Mountain View, California. The building, to be located on 18.6 acres next to the current “Googleplex,” off of North Shoreline Boulevard, would measure a maximum of 595,000 square feet and house 2,500 to 3,000 employees, including executives, engineers, and scientists.

“We have asked them to build the most green, sustainable building possible,” said Google Spokesman Jordan Newman last year. Newman had no comment about the latest developments. Meanwhile calls to Ingenhoven’s office in Santa Clara have not been returned.

Construction was supposed to start later this year. But according to our sources, Google has sent out another request to solicit new architects and engineers. Google has already leased the land on the site, known as Charleston East, but according to Randy Tsuda, director of community development at the City of Mountain View, Google has not yet submitted an application for development on the property.

The new building would be located at the top right portion of this map.

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9 Responses to “Google Fires Ingenhoven from Mountain View Headquarters Project”

  1. evalution says:

    greetings from Stuttgart, Germany :) Ingenhoven is the architecture of Stuttgarts central railway station … and “we would like to have a green and sustainable building, too.” But as you perhaps notice, lots of people in Stuttgart also aren’t happy about the creating of ingenovens architecture. Like to give GOOGLE an potential 😉 … and the world comes closer … nice blog, eva.

  2. When money talks, justice walks says:

    Google is doing itself a favor by dumping Ingenhoven. For Stuttgart it is to late. A good part of Stuttgarts remaining cultural heritage has been destroyed, under police protection, to make way for Ingenhovens ugly semi submerged train station. Behind it is a powerful real estate and construction Mafia, whose tentacles reach far into the political establishment. At stake is a 4,5+ billon € bounty of taxpayers money.

  3. C.R. says:

    Well done. I wish the Baden-Württemberg state goverment would be as wise as google and kick also Ingenhoven a**. Instead of Ingenhoven stupid and ignorend idea of an modern trainstation, that is not even able to cope with the expented traintraffic, I would rather see the old Bonatz Building reconstructed and modernised.
    Greetings from Ludwigsburg close to Stuttgart/Germany

  4. Nointerest says:

    The comments below are from German douchebag communists who hate Ingenhoven only because he is building a new modern train station in Stuttgart, Germany. These people really think Americans are interested in this issue (for these communists a new train station is the greatest inhumanity in modern history). Because no German wants to hear their lies anymore, they are now into posting things on American sites. It is just ridiculous.

  5. W.M. says:

    For having Nointerest, Nointerest sounds quite loony.

  6. Nointerest says:

    At least I don’t change my name for every new comment. It’s just ridiculous how people think Stuttgart 21 is an “international” issue. People don’t give a s*** about it, but you protesters believe it is, because it is the center of your boring life.

  7. Nointerest says:

    And? This article is biased as can be. The author doesn’t really know how things are working in Stuttgart. And he is only retelling the statements of the protesters. W. M., go home and cry about the injustice of the new train station, nobody cares.^^

  8. Rocdono says:

    Ingenhoven’s new trainstation in Stuttgart rocks! But haters gonna hate…

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