Clothing Becomes A Canopy at SCI-Arc

Dean's List, West
Monday, December 19, 2011

Friday's review of the two new structures (courtesy Chung Ming Lam)

For the last several years, SCI-Arc’s Studio 1A has given new students the chance to literally make their mark by producing projects that become permanent fixtures at the school. On Friday, this year’s class revealed a project that started as a piece of clothing, then became a wire model, then became a mockup, and finally ended as a new undulating and faceted canopy and wall. Made of a recycled carbon fiber called Nyloboard, the project’s more than 2,000 pieces were all hand cut and, somehow, none are exactly alike. They’re attached with Gorilla Glue, nails, and screws. “It’s something that exists at the scale of the world, which can take years for an architect,” said Nathan Bishop, who along with Jackilin Hah Bloom and Jenny Wu led the studio.

(courtesy Jenny Wu)

(courtesy Jenny Wu)

(courtesy Jenny Wu)

(courtesy Jenny Wu)

(courtesy Teri Yu)

4 Responses to “Clothing Becomes A Canopy at SCI-Arc”

  1. Frankensence says:

    This Is Not Architecture!

  2. Flylow says:

    Your comment has no substance. If you are going to make a statement like that at least put forth the brain energy and enlighten us as to why you believe it’s not.

    Not only is this installation expressive of a theory/style that is being taught at the most prestigious schools in the world, but it also performs, acting as a shading system for programmatic areas of the school while also exploring a new “green” material on an architectural scale.

    If you’re going to say something, at least say it as if you have an intelligent thought.

  3. Nick Nepveux says:

    Howdy Frankensence,

    Perhaps you should check out this book.

    Who Says What Architecture Is? (Oct 2007)
    By Eric Owen Moss

  4. Tellsitlikeitis says:

    Oh Sci Arc. The most overrated school in the world run by one of the most overrated Architects in the world. Eric Owen Moss to my knowledge never won a competition anywhere. If you cant prove your excellnce in an honest battle with your colleagues what does that say about your worth as an architect? Excactly.

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