Wings Sprouting Again in San Diego

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Thursday, November 17, 2011

Tucker Sadler & Associates

It looks like wings are hot in San Diego (and apparently LA, too). Recently we reported that Zaha Hadid was building a wing-like house in La Jolla, and now we learn via the San Diego Union-Tribune that the Midway aircraft carrier museum has proposed “Wings of Freedom,” a 500-foot-tall  sculpture consisting of two wings (they’ve also been described as sails, a tribute to maritime activity on San Diego Bay) on the south end of the city’s Navy Pier. The structures, designed by Tucker Sadler & Associates, would be made of titanium shaped around a steel frame.

"Wings of Freedom" on the San Diego waterfront.

"Wings of Freedom" on the San Diego waterfront.

“If this image of us is half as successful as the Sydney Opera House is to Australia, it’ll be worth billions of dollars,” said local businessman and philanthropist Malin Burnham, who has advocated for the wings. Detractors of the plan say it would block views of the bay and be an eyesore for the area. “I’m not sure we have to put up another 500-foot towers to others’ egos,” said Don Wood, a member of the Navy Broadway Complex Coalition, which has fought several ideas for the city’s waterfront.

An alternate design for "Wings of Freedom" without titanium panels.

An alternate design for "Wings of Freedom" without titanium panels.

2 Responses to “Wings Sprouting Again in San Diego”

  1. Gary McCorkle says:

    I love the idea Of the wings. A closer representation of actual sails, like the ones seen on the America’s Cup would be striking and portray San Diegan’s as sailors which we are known for.

  2. Alexis Solis says:

    I also love this proposal as well. I think it would become an iconic symbol of the city of San Diego. Even though it is really appealing, it is inevitable that this is going to spark controversy during these hard economic times.

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