On View> Seat: An Outdoor Chair Show in San Francisco

Tuesday, August 9, 2011
(Courtesy Respective Designers)
(Courtesy Respective Designers)

Seat: An Outdoor Chair Show
Fort Mason Center
38 Fort Mason
San Francisco
Through May 31, 2012

In collaboration with the Fort Mason Center, curators Topher Delaney and Kika Probst of Seam Studio challenged forty designers to create and build outdoor public seating that would reflect the waterfront site and be able to withstand year-round weather conditions in Northern California.

The seats are displayed throughout selected areas of the thirteen-acre campus that is part of the Golden Gate National Recreation Center. Each designer loaned their seat for free, and many firms created new partnerships for the project, such as Arup with Jefferson Mack Metal. The West End Terminal Seat, after the jump, designed by Nilus Designs: Architecture was inspired by the natural ecology at Fort Mason, particularly the salty water and wind patterns. Comprised of 208 vertical polycarbonate sections, the porous surfaces of the seat collect site debris and salt, while hollow flutes capture the sounds of the wind currents. The seat is also wired with user-activated LED lights and QR codes that visitors can scan for further information about the exhibit.

W.E.T. by Nilus Designs.

W.E.T. by Nilus Designs.

Come Rain by Ryan Duke.

Come Rain by Ryan Duke.

Blue by Jefferson Mack.

Blue by Jefferson Mack.

Blue by Jefferson Mack.

Blue by Jefferson Mack.

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2 Responses to “On View> Seat: An Outdoor Chair Show in San Francisco”

  1. Margaret says:

    Will the seat exhibit actually leave on May 31st. I would like to schedule a tour of the exhibit between June 1st and August 17th and would like to know about eh availbility of the show during that time perios. Fantastic show. I’m so excited to share it with others.

  2. Margaret says:

    HI, I just sent an e-mail but failed to ask for a response. How long will the SEAT show be on display? Will it be extended beyond 5/31 if so how long? Many thanks.

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