Landscape Takes Center Stage

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Ruth Shelhorn's Disneyland Town Square, 1955

Why doesn’t landscape architecture in Southern California get the same attention as architecture? That’s one of the questions that will be answered at Friday’s Landscapes for Living conference at SCI-Arc. The event, organized by the Cultural Landscape Foundation, will focus on Post War Landscape designs in the region, which have largely stayed under the radar. For instance, who has heard of Ralph Cornell, who designed legendary landscapes like the Torrey Pines preserve near San Diego, Beverly Gardens in Beverly Hills and the Civic Center Mall and  Music Center plaza in Downtown LA ? Other subjects will include Ruth Shelhorn, the only female architect to work on the original plans for Disneyland, and designer of the park’s entrance and Main Street; Bridges and Troller, who designed Century City; Lawrence Halprin, better known for his parks in the Pacific Northwest but also active in California; and of course the legendary (but under appreciated) Garret Eckbo.

One Response to “Landscape Takes Center Stage”

  1. Juanito Crandello says:

    ahem: about Larry Halprin – “but also active in California.” Oh.

    One untold story regards the design of the Murphy Sculpture Garden at UCLA. Of course it was designed and implemented by Cornell, Bridgers and Troller. But when their initial design schematic (awfull, I’ve seen the original sketch) was presented to Jere Hazlett (of the campus architects and engineers office), he rejected it and guided them in the direction which produced the internationally noted achievement at north campus. Jere passed away two years ago and it is unfortunate that he was never accorded the recognition that he has long deserved.

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