Slideshow: Zonnestraal Sanatorium Saved From Ruin

Tuesday, November 2, 2010
Zonnestraal Sanatorium in Hilversum after restoration (Courtesy WMF)

Zonnestraal Sanatorium in Hilversum after restoration (Courtesy WMF)

Abandoned and nearly lost, the Zonnestraal Sanatorium in Hilversum, Netherlands has been meticulously restored to its former glory by Bierman Henket architecten and Wessel de Jonge architecten.  In honor of their efforts, the two firms were awarded the 2010 World Monuments Fund / Knoll Modernism Prize.  Alan Brake penned an article for the print edition of The Architect’s Newspaper:

Designed in 1926–1928 by Johannes Duiker and Bernard Bijvoet and completed in 1931, the sanatorium is considered a seminal work of early modernism. Though it was well known when it was built, the structure was eventually abandoned, and since then nearly subsumed by the surrounding landscape. Portions of the three-building complex were almost completely lost, so many parts of the sanatorium had to be meticulously reconstructed, including formerly mass-produced elements that had to be recreated by hand.

Read the entire article from The Architect’s Newspaper.

2 Responses to “Slideshow: Zonnestraal Sanatorium Saved From Ruin”

  1. philipw92 says:

    check it out

  2. Eric says:

    I visited the “restored” Zonnestraal yesterday and was very disappointed. Yes this monumental piece of modernism had been restored, but with no purpose. The empty buildings luster had faded in the few short years after restoration, and were already showing signs of taking the same path they had taken in 1931 in succumbing to the surrounding land. The millions spent on restoration I am afraid funded by taxpayers, have not been thought out well. The building should have a purpose, a museum, a hotel, a spa, a destination of some kind! I am afraid an empty building will always revert to dust over time

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