Brutalism On the Small Screen

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Quick! Name that Building!

That’s right, it’s time for another round of our favorite game. You can probably name the architect, thanks to the ribbons of his signature corduroy concrete, to say nothing of the cantilevered passageways and swooping staircases. So it’s Paul Rudolph. But which of his masterworks? It’s not a famous one, so you’ll probably never guess. Okay, you got it. It’s the Hurley Building of his Government Service Center in Boston. It’s an impressive star turn for an architect whose buildings haven’t faired so well of late. And yet it’s good to know that when those Madison Avenue Fatcats still need a structure to shoot on that screams hip futurism, Rudolph’s the go-to guy. Dude’s still got it.

Inside the courtyard of the Govermnet Center complex. (Bruce Barnes/UMASS)

The now-famous entryway. (Courtesy Berkshire Fine Arts)

Plans for an unbuilt 23-story tower. (Courtesy UMass)

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