NYC DOT Puts Peddles to the Pavement

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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Better busing and biking, coming to a stretch of First Avenue near you some time this fall. (Courtesy DOT)

First came Times Square, then, all in the course of a few weeks, 34th Street, Union Square North, and Grand Army Plaza. Now, Transportation Commissioner Janette Sadik-Khan has set her sites on bus rapid transit for the east side of Manhattan. Granted this project, like those above, have been kicking around her office in one form or another for years. But to see all of them getting off—or should we say on—the ground in such a short window is welcome news, especially as the MTA continues to fumble and falter. For all the talk of parks, and not condos, being the legacy of Mayor Bloomberg’s third term, perhaps the exploits of his occasionally maligned Transit Commish should not be overlooked. After all, we’ve got 42 more months of this. At this rate, we could have a citywide space program going by then.

One Response to “NYC DOT Puts Peddles to the Pavement”

  1. Ryan says:

    Ms Sadik-Khan deserves enormous credit for taking Mike’s direction and really going for it. In such a short period of time the once chaotic avenues (sometime 4-lane, sometimes 3, sometimes 5???….) have been redrawn to define saner, clearer lanes, TURNING lanes (brilliant) and allow more sidewalk real estate in congested areas. Our favorite, of course, is city-wide bike lanes!!! For years we were forced to deal with sharing lanes with taxis. Unlike Koch’s anemic attempt at bike lanes (which were never inforced so they were never used and were taken out all most as fast as they were installed) these are clearly thought out and constructed in a way that can not easily or inexpensively be ripped out!!!

    We are CHEERING!!!

    I and my friends sincerely hope that this success will not suffer from tightening budgets. Thank you Ms Sadik-Khan. We LOVE your work!!! It has made our city much improved and a good model for even some European cities

    Ryan & Carolyn
    Brooklyn Heights

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