The Problem With Architecture Web Sites

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Zaha Hadid's web site is a good example..

Ok, we promise this is our last link to AN contributor Alissa Walker’s Fast Company posts for a while. But this one is definitely worth it. The other day  she focused on a subject we’ve been pondering for a long time: how despite their design expertise, most architects’ sites aren’t very good. Many, she points out, overuse gimmicks and make finding information and projects way too difficult. Sites for Jean Nouvel, Zaha Hadid, Renzo Piano, Rem Koolhaas’ OMA, she says, are all completely Flash-reliant (a no-no in the new i-Phone, i-Pad world) and “use label-less maps, wordless grids, sketches and other graphic devices with rollovers as navigation, with no easy way to locate or share projects.” One site that we at AN find particularly confusing is that of Lorcan O’Herlihy (one of our favorite architects, by the way), which puts projects into a grid that resembles the Periodic Table of the elements. Sure, it looks great, but.. Well, you get the idea.

4 Responses to “The Problem With Architecture Web Sites”

  1. snhaetnhlaonncg says:

    i used to think the same about zaha’s site, until i saw this:

    it actually kind of epitomizes what you are talking about, this website works like a blog and each project is a post.

    i think the main problem is that she never redirected her main site to here!

  2. nick says:

    their sites are a direct reflection of their work, confusing and a pain in the ass the maintain, nothing more than eye candy

  3. Steve w says:

    Have you also noticed that most architects’ websites are “dead”? Interesting to visit once, but they are updated so rarely (if at all) that there’s no reason to go back. I think a blog type format or section, where new things are frequently posted and the writing is more personal, is much more suited to architects’ sites.

  4. Ivan Ray says:

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