Behold the 4th Bin

Thursday, October 15, 2009

First-prize logo winner Green Team, from design firm Two Twelve.

How many New Yorkers are ready—or have even heard of—Local Law 13? Known as The Electronic Equipment Recycling and Reuse Act , the law makes it illegal for New York residents to dispose of any electronic item in the trash after July 1, 2010, and requires all electronics manufacturers doing business in New York to “accept their products in NYC for recycling at no cost to the consumer.” The law has attracted some notice because electronics manufacturers have naturally fought to stop it, but they’ve lost in the courts and it now seems set to go into effect next summer. In order to publicize the law, Valiant Technology, an IT support and consulting firm for designers, developed and sponsored the 4th Bin competition to select an e-waste logo and a licensed collection bin for e-waste. Valiant held an afternoon-long jury that included this editor, and after the usual juror “horse-trading” (I’ll vote for your collection bin if you vote for my logo), we selected four bin and two logo designs. The logo winners were easier to select, but the bin competition was fierce. The jury ultimately voted for one clear winner and three equally competent designs as “second-place awards.” None of my early favorites made it through to the final round, but here are the two top prize-winners. To view all the winners, see the 4th Bin website.

First prize bin winner

First-prize bin winner, from Amsterdam-based firm Springtime.

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