Brad Pitt Thinks This Is A Game

Monday, August 10, 2009
The $70 million Pitt-Jolie estate in the south of France which doubles as a stress reliever for the hunky actor. (Courtesy

The $70 million Pitt-Jolie estate in the south of France, which doubles as a stress reliever for the hunky actor. (Courtesy

Or a puzzle. At least that’s what New York mag said the would-be-architect said to Parade mag this weekend. To be more precise:

Architecture is like play to me. As a boy, you play with Tinkertoys, Lincoln Logs, Legos, and you get interested in how things are made, like cars and drills and all that. Years later you come back around to what interested you as a boy. Now, if I have something that I’m dealing with that’s causing me a lot of stress, my mind goes to architecture. I walk around the yard and start thinking about what I need to do to the house structurally. It’s similar to puzzles in that way, like a crossword puzzle or anything else I can put my mind into. It’s a relief for me.

Obviously, we’re not going to take this too seriously or get too offended, given who we’re talking about here. But at the same time, this is a guy putting together rather earnest post-Katrina housing and going on tours of Fallingwater for his birthday. How would he feel if, the next time we were down, we decided to go shoot an Academy Award-winning short film?

4 Responses to “Brad Pitt Thinks This Is A Game”

  1. CM says:

    Pitt may be on to something. Architecture (and architects) that take themselves too seriously are nauseating.

  2. FS says:

    I’m sure if Brad Pitt had to deal with building codes, ada requirements, crazy clients, unrealistic time frames and budgets, he too would not think of architecture as a game.

  3. S H says:

    Yeah…a stress reliever when you don’t have a budget, don’t have to deal with a school board or a doctor, never meet the contractor or know what a change order is, never competed for a job, had to meet a deadline, never took the ARE, and everyone else does all the work for you while your wife Angelina flies you to the site in her private plane with the six kids in the back!

    Thanks for belittling the entire profession Pitt! He obviously has no clue. Maybe we should hire him and see how long he would enjoy working in this ‘stress free’ environment that simulates working on crossword puzzles.

    Hey Mr. Pitt….I also have been known to have ‘academy award moments…’ in my architectural career.

  4. Justin says:

    Architects love complaining about being architects. Why is he belittling architecture because he enjoys it? Was it the wording? How about you use your smart underpaid architecture brains and figure out what he was saying. Now was that super hard? The man enjoys architecture but you don’t enjoy actually practicing architecture because of budget and codes. Is that the argument?

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