Remembering Julius Shulman

Thursday, July 16, 2009
Julius Shulman and his camera. (Dan Winter/Courtesy

Julius Shulman and his camera. (Dan Winter/Courtesy

As you may have learned by now, renowned architectural photographer Julius Shulman died Wednesday night at age 98. (You can read our obituary here.) We encourage you to share memories, thoughts, and impressions of one of the most influential figures to ever engage with the built environment. Just leave a comment below. To start things off, we’ve posted the trailer to the forthcoming documentary about the great photographer, Visual Acoustics, by Eric Bricker. It was moving to watch even before this sad news, but now it really puts into perspective–almost as well as his own photos–the sheer genius that was Julius Shulman. You can watch it after the jump.

5 Responses to “Remembering Julius Shulman”

  1. diana says:

    This film is fantastic I saw it in LA 2 weeks ago. It is coming to NYC Oct 8-9th?.

  2. Sam Hall Kaplan says:

    It is hard to think of Julius as gone. His voice was always so persistent, certainly when we worked together 20 plus years ago on “LA Lost & Found,” which I wrote and he was the principal photographer, and then later in several mini television docs I did and articles I wrote. He always had a photograph for whatever illustration was needed; always had a comment to make whether needed or not. He talked better than he listened; professionally a towering talent, personally an indefatigable presence. I wonder whether he will answer the phone as quickly as he used to now that he is gone? I miss having tea with him in his studio, hovered over by Olga, He died too soon.

  3. Victor Kaminoff says:

    Julius Shulman was an inspiration to me. His ability to capture the clean new lines of Mid-Century architecture was not just professional, but his placement of people in his scenes made his photographs art. His studies helped me better understand the social implications of architecture, as well as appreciate the fantastic clarify of his work. In my profession as a realtor representing architectural homes in Los Angeles, I am grateful for the influence Julius Shulman’s ‘take’ on architecture has had on my appreciation of the art I was fortunate to meet Mr. Shulman briefly at the screening of the documentary about his richly artistic life, “Visual Acoustic”, and I highly recommend it.

  4. Philip Jones says:

    I can’t quite believe Julius Shulman is gone. It seemed he might go on for ever. They said the same of Frank Lloyd Wright. Shulman’s work became more accessible over time, and how wonderful that was! Seeing his output brought together in various publications over the last decade in particular. His photography has been one of the greatest aesthetic pleasures of my life. Like the majority I only knew the man through his work. Those images of beauty and optimism will always stay with me. Living in the U.K. I’m not sure whether I’ll have the opportunity to see “Visual Acoustic” but I’ll be looking for the chance to do so. Many of Shulman’s images come to mind now. Amongst them of course, I see two women precariously perched, yet assured, above the city lights beyond them.

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