What Will Happen To Neverland?

Saturday, June 27, 2009

We mourned the King of Pop and watched YouTube videos of all our favorite songs….and then we wondered what was going to happen to Neverland, the Santa Barbara playground/estate that became an image of scandal. With the singer’s untimely death, speculation about a memorial park along the lines of Graceland has started.

The real-estate developer that will decide the fate of the property is L.A.-based Colony Capital. Facing financial woes, in November of 2008, the singer transferred the $24.5 million debt on the property (for an unspecified, but presumably majority stake) to Colony Capital, creating a company called Sycamore Valley Ranch–now jointly owned by Colony Capital and Jackson’s estate. Colony Capital’s owner, Thomas Barrack Jr., blogged: “We were pleased to help support his return to public life through our acquisition of Neverland Ranch…Of course, Neverland itself is now a mythical sanctuary to Michael and we are doing our best to accommodate the throngs of global press and fans arriving there to express their grief.”  A company spokesperson declined to comment about future plans, but said that wreaths have been ordered to drape the gates.       –Lydia Lee

3 Responses to “What Will Happen To Neverland?”

  1. Ares Vista says:

    Neverland should be preserved for the less fortunate children in the world. Michael would have wanted that.

  2. Michael’s Neverland Ranch is a true testament to his goals in this world. He wanted to make the world a better place for the future, not for himself.

  3. gabriela says:

    Neverland should be a theme park were part of the money that visitors pay go to help children around the world.

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