UPDATE: Guangzhou Opera House Fire

Monday, May 11, 2009

A rendering of the Opera House interior. (Images courtesy zahahadidblog.com)

A spokesman for Zaha Hadid Architects sent AN the following statement on the condition of the building following the fire:

“An incident involving a fire at the construction site of the Guangzhou Opera House occurred at 7:50am on Saturday 09 May 2009. All staff were evacuated safely with no injuries. No members of the public were involved. The fire was extinguished by the Fire Department in under an hour. Initial inspections confirm the structure of the building remains completely intact. Further investigations into the cause are undergoing. We must wait for these investigations to be completed before we know if the opening date will need to be altered.”

5 Responses to “UPDATE: Guangzhou Opera House Fire”

  1. […] Well if things weren’t bad enough for architecture these days, now it seems that one of Zaha Hadid’s latest projects, the Guangzhou Opera House, was on fire!  No injuries were reported and no major damage either.  Read more at the Architect’s Newspaper Blog. […]

  2. Eric Bono says:

    Why is someone burning major architectural projects all over the world? UN Studio Villa NM, OMA CCTV, now Zaha’s project. What next?

  3. 王士奇 says:


  4. Guy says:

    Construction sites always have issues with this as the sprinklers are often not installed and activated till later in the construction sequence. Seems to me that a logical thing to do would be to have partial and sequential activation of the sprinklers as you go…

  5. […] Architect’s Newspaper] Filed under Buzz and tagged Fire, Guangzhou Opera House, Zaha Hadid Architects. Post a comment […]

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