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Thursday, April 23, 2009

Nose-drunks gather outside of Alcoholic Architecture for a little inhalation intoxication. (Courtesy aroundbritainwithapaunch.blogspot.com)

Nose-drunks gather outside of Alcoholic Architecture for a little inhalation intoxication. (Courtesy aroundbritainwithapaunch.blogspot.com)

But please, only in moderation. Inhaling too deeply at a new London bar may leave you, well….drunk. 2 Ganton Street, once an unused storefront, has reopened as a self-contained, walk-in gin and tonic. Imbibers at Alcoholic Architecture simply slip into provided plastic jumpsuits, breathe, and enjoy the buzz. The creators of the bar, Bompas and Parr, have effectively revolutionized the bar experience by removing the traditional, and oh so painstakingly boring, order and sip protocol.

This chap has had one breath too many, wed say! (Courtesy aroundbritainwithapaunch.blogspot.com)

This chap has had one breath too many, we'd say! (Courtesy aroundbritainwithapaunch.blogspot.com)

Self-proclaimed as operating “in the space between food and architecture,” Bompas and Parr are allowing lucky ticket holders, the event is now sold out, up to 40 booze breathing minutes in the space. Alcoholic Architecture is continuously filled with a steady mist of both gin and tonic by industrial strength humidifiers engineered by JS Humidifiers.  And of course the drink is served with a twist: The crucial hint of lime comes in the form of a small green light.

All safety concerns have been taken into account and there is an ambulance on standby, just in case. Don’t worry about work the next day either; so far the only reported hangover has been overly greasy hair and ringing ears from the booming music.

Bompas & Par have previously gained notoriety for their artistic endeavors into the world of jelly. As they see it, “jelly is the perfect site for an examination of food and architecture due to its uniquely plastic form and the historic role it has played in exploring notions of taste.” You can check out more of their work here.

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3 Responses to “Take a Whiff of This!”

  1. Hi Dustin,

    I’m delighted you found the article about breathable cocktails interesting on Around Britain with a Paunch. It was a great event.

    I don’t mind people borrowing my pictures when they are properly linked back to my blog. It would be great if not only the pictures linked but also the URL for Around Britain with a Paunch did as well.

    More importantly, although I found your comment “This chap has had one breath too many, we’d say!” quite funny. It is very unfair indeed on my colleague who is the guy pictured. I’d appreciate it if you could modify this or remove his picture as I don’t want him to be offended by this.



  2. lt says:

    cool article. You know what they say–

    Snow falls, fall snows, summer springs, summer leaves-but great journalism will last forever.

  3. Matt Chaban says:


    Sadly to say, and believe me, I’ve tried a million different things, but we can’t seem to sneak links into the captions. I’ve added one to the end of the post, though.

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