Postopolis! Comes to LA

Thursday, February 5, 2009
Architecture bloggers in La La Land

Architecture bloggers in La La Land

You remember Postopolis! don’t you? The reality show-worthy architecture blog-a-thon that sequestered five bloggers for five days at the Storefront for Art and Architecture two years ago? Well, hold onto your laptops, kids, because Postopolis! is back and promises to be bigger, better, bloggier and more exclamation-pointy than ever before…because it’s coming to LA, baby!

Geoff Manaugh announced the lineup today and it’s a doozy; six bloggers hailing from Sydney to San Fran (and including Manaugh himself, who we know is still an Angeleno at heart):

David Basulto from Plataforma Arquitectura and ArchDaily (Santiago, Chile)
Jace Clayton from Mudd Up! (New York City, USA)
Régine Debatty from we make money not art (Paris, France)
Bryan Finoki from Subtopia (San Francisco, USA)
Dan Hill from City of Sound (Sydney, Australia)
Geoff Manaugh from BLDGBLOG (San Francisco, USA)

Postopolis! will still be sponsored by the Storefront (who had temporary digs here last year) and the lovely folks at ForYourArt as part of the LA Art Weekend. From March 31 to April 4 at a TBD location, the bloggers will post at a feverish, around-the-clock pace. Students from local architecture schools will be hired to monitor feeding tubes, administer 20 oz. Monster energy drinks on the hour and empty their bedpans as needed.

In addition to the ancillary interviews, presentations, lectures, panel discussions, and slideshows that we saw last Postopolis!, Manaugh promises: “This time it will be all that plus more art, film, and music, a larger international scope, hopefully several Spanish-language events and lectures, hopefully at least one minor earthquake.” We’ll try our best to deliver on that last one.

One Response to “Postopolis! Comes to LA”

  1. Matt Chaban says:

    Tisk, tisk, Alissa. How come you weren’t invited?

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