Bus Stopped

Thursday, January 8, 2009
Future Systems proposal for the new London Routemaster Double Decker Bus was quite the departure.

Future Systems' proposal for the new London Routemaster Double Decker Bus was quite the departure. (Courtesy BD)

Architects don’t have a great track record designing vehicles that make it to the marketplace. LeCorbusier, Gropius, Zaha, and, of course, Buckminster Fuller have all tried “streamlining” their buildings and putting wheels on them but their efforts never made it past the prototype stage. Now you can add Future Systems to the list of those who have tried and failed.

Last month, we featured the winning entry from Lord Norman Foster and Capoco Design, as well as some of the runners up. Given that there were over 700 entries, some never caught the attention of the wider public, even if they should have. Case in point: Future Systems’ out-of-this-world proposal. More UFO than bus, it turned up today on BD. And while Transport for London might not have liked FS’s design, it certainly is exemplary of their other blobtacular work. Maybe London’s loss can be New York’s gain: Start petitioning City Sights immediately.

Its not even red!

It's not even red!



7 Responses to “Bus Stopped”

  1. jimgerlach says:

    Departure hardly, it looks very similar to this…

    pass the mustard.

  2. menking says:

    Oh, of course the wiener mobile… …your right a first cousin…good one!

  3. Jeremy says:

    I guess architects don’t know much about physics and in particular, momentum and reactive centrifugal forces.

    There is a reason you sit front facing on an object moving forward, stopping, and turning! Have you ever stood on a bus and not held onto anything?

    Now imagine sitting sideways and constantly clocking into your neighbors. My kids play that game in our third seat row of the Volvo on sharp mountain turns, but given some of the ridership on London buses, that’s not a ride or game I want to play in London.


  4. Lou says:

    We are ready for the wienermobile in CA. Send a flexible model for the twists and turns of Lombard Street. Envision Gavin Newsom touring the hot spots of the state in one of these as he gears up for the governor’s race.
    John McC’s Straight Talk Express would have been more successful if done from this vehicle.

  5. maddy says:


  6. maddy says:

    thats is sooo cool!!!

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