Astroland, Gone But Not Forgotten

Wednesday, January 28, 2009
Down but not out, the Astroland rocket will someday return to Coney Island. (Barry Yanowitz/Flickr)

Down but not out, the Astroland rocket will someday return to Coney Island. (Barry Yanowitz/Flickr)

Astroland may be gone, and much of Coney Island with it, but it least its most iconic symbol will be saved. (No, not the Tilt-a-Whirl.) As per a press release we just received, Carol Hill Albert, a co-owner of Astroland, has donated the amusement park’s namesake rocket, which once rested atop Gregory & Paul’s hot dog stand (an AN favorite).

“This one of a kind Rocket simulator was the very first ride to arrive at Astroland Park, when it was founded by my late father in-law Dewey Albert in 1962,” Hill Alpert said in the release. “My husband Jerome and myself are donating this in his honor and on behalf the Coney Island History Project.  It is especially fitting that this Rocket, which was the first to arrive, will be the last item to leave Astroland Park. On the sad occasion of closing Astroland, which has been Coney Island’s largest amusement park for 47 years, my husband Jerome and I are heartened to know that the City will be displaying the Rocket in a prominent location as part of the new Coney Island where it can continue to educate and entertain.”

The release also said the city has agreed to afix a bronze plaque to the rocket to honor Astroland. And here’s a video of its removal a few weeks ago:

One Response to “Astroland, Gone But Not Forgotten”

  1. jack rapps says:

    i find it realy sad that there was no mention at all of herman rapps or the rapps family. herman,abe ,alvin, sadie,jack, we were all part of running various games and operations at the park untill hermans death it was the rapps family that come from the amusment field dewey alpert was a real estate developer i remember him well he was a true gentelman . and with his family and the rapps family helped keep the coney island spirt alive..i miss them all jack rapps

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