Suddenly Remodeling Takes On a Whole New Meaning

Monday, November 17, 2008
Caleb Mulvena

Manhattan architect/J.Crew model Caleb Mulvena

If the model sporting the purple Italian cashmere scarf and hand-finished denim in the November J.Crew catalog looks familiar to you, that’s because he’s none other than New York architect Caleb Mulvena, principal with Colin Brice at the hot new firm Mapos.

What he wants is

What he really wants is a Pritzker.

Along with some residential projects, Mapos is currently overseeing construction for the sustainable building supplier Green Depot‘s first flagship store, right across the street from the New Museum on the Bowery (in an 1885 building that was New York’s first YMCA).

Vintage cords

He can stand in front of a house, and design one, too.

Coincidentally, Mulvena was most recently senior design architect for Peter Marino, where he was in charge of two high-fashion clients: the global concept store for Zegna in Milan, as well as Louis Vuitton’s recent flagship store on the Champs-Élysées in Paris.

Is it cool out here, or is it just him?

Is it cool out here, or is it just him?

J.Crew is, of course, plenty attuned to modern architecture, seeing as they orchestrated a spring photo shoot in Richard Neutra‘s Kaufmann House in Palm Springs just before its notorious un-sale at Christie’s in May. Mulvena had to settle for boring old Chamonix.

Hes certainly top in our book.

Those certainly aren't your standard Le Corbu glasses.

And for all you budding “marchitects” out there: Mulvena was discovered in the lobby where Mapos’ studio is located, the architect-heavy 195 Chrystie Street. A building with the “highest concentration of design genius” in the city, according to NY Mag.

More details about Mulvena and Brice can be found at Mapos‘ website, which also has contact information, should you want to retain Mulvena’s design services (or maybe have him put on a supersoft lambswool sweater and a pair of vintage cords and strut around your apartment).

3 Responses to “Suddenly Remodeling Takes On a Whole New Meaning”

  1. […] Kevin Smith used to have their office there, and supermodel-architect Caleb Mulvena was actually discovered in the lobby. New York called it the “highest concentration of design genius” in the […]

  2. jim donught says:

    i don’t know about you…but i have a boner!

  3. vienna says:

    Feng Shui adornment bracelets are now a bit of a craze.

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